If something goes wrong I try to provide a response that helps you detect what went wrong so you can try to do better. Best what can happen is a 500 error code because this indicates it’s my fault and not yours.

Other than that all 4xx error codes indicate an error within the client and I think it’s you that coded that one.

The API will try to give you a hint with a small JSON encoded error message that could look like this:

   "error": "Argument 'id' is expected to be an integer in a specific range."

HTTP error codes returned

400 Bad Request

Your request was malformed most likely the value of a Filter was not set according to the Data Type that is expected.

403 Restricted Resource

You tried to access a resource that exists, but is not available for you. This can happen for the following reasons:

  • the resource is only available to authenticated clients.

  • the resource is only available to clients with a paid subscription.

  • the resource is not available in the API version you are using.

404 Not Found

You tried to access a resource that doesn’t exist.

429 Too Many Requests

You exceeded your allowed requests per minute/day depending on API version and your user status. Look at Request Throttling for more information.